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    Largest & Beautiful Academia

    "Effectiveness of any institution is conceived in terms of achievements of goals, alrond development of its students,expansion and growth of the institution and above all the quality of its Human Resources."

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    Better Education Environment

    "The purpose, the aim and drive of these schools is to equip the child with the most excellent technological proficiency so that he may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world, and far more important to create the right climate so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being.This means giving him the opportunity to flower in goodness so that he is rightly related to people, things and ideas, to the whole of life."

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    Find out you in better way

    "A school is a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its limitation. It is a place where one learns to observe the world without a particular point of view or conclusion. One learns to look at the whole of man's endeavor, his search for beauty, his search for truth and a way of living that is not a contradiction between conclusion and action.It is a place where both teacher and the taught learn a way of life in which conflict ends."

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About Us

Welcome to the website of Janki Vidya Niketan School, where 400+ students learn and develop in a challenging and nurturing multicultural environment. Janki Vidya Niketan is a co-educational English Medium School (a unit of Janki Vidya Peeth Trust). The school has Play, Nursery and Primary sections right now. Pupils aged 3 to 13 years pursue their studies here under the able guidance of our learned teachers. The school is gaining popularity by leads and bounds by dint of caring teaching staff and the Management Committee. The school is located in Sitanagar, near P.W.D (I.B) Rajopatti, Dumra Road, Sitamarhi, Bihar,India.

It was established by Sri Dinesh Chandra Dwivedi after establishing JANKI VIDYA PEETH NYAS in Dec 2016. The current Principal is Smt.Subhadra Thakur, who is a retired Principal +2 Govt. Girls High School has experience of 35 years in education system.

The School Management follows is to-to the pattern of study prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education in English medium. Janki Vidya Niketan is making continuous effort for alround development of its pupils.

Why Us


The Janki Vidya Niketan's motto is सम्यक ज्ञान - सम्यक विकास of excellence in every field that we strive to achieve. Higher, Stronger, Brighter: the three powerful words define our work and shape our goals. To achieve this excellence, we have a highly qualified faculty which aims at training the students to develop independent problem solving skills.

Best Tutor

Janki Vidya Niketan faculty broadens the learning experience. The highly - qualified and trained staff not only implements the curriculum but also breeds enthusiasm for learning and questioning. Each teacher's interaction with the students goes beyond the usual facilitator's areas of pastoral and parental concern. Teachers are totally involved with the children, in its all academic and co-curricular activities. Be it in the sports field or the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students. Bringing back joy into learning is the JVN teachers' objective. Our multitalented faculty further gives impetus to the learning milieu as the School is a remarkable place to call, 'Home' for the better part of the day. Our teachers are a dedicated and collaborative group, who is committed to engage students in the learning process in an exemplary manner. The team of well experienced and extremely qualified staff is recruited professionally to attract the best talent possessing the required skills. Under the guidance of our most capable teachers, the students embark on the voyage to become wholesome individuals.

Practical Training

Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the curriculum in the JVN from Grade 1 onwards. ICT is introduced as a tool to enrich students' knowledge base, problem-solving and communication skills. Students are also exposed to a variety of other practical applications of ICT, including the Internet that is vital in today's technology-oriented world.


In the year 2018 Trustee of JANKI VIDYA NIKETAN PEETH NYAS decided to establish a " Margdarshak Madal" in the Presidentship of Shri Ram Naresh Singh Ex-Principal NETARHAT RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL. Margdarshak Madal consists of fifteen members from different field for making continuous effort for alround development of its pupils.

The core of the education reform is to develop competence in learning to learn and open-mind attitude,students will be more to face challenges of an ever-changing society and build a bright future. School should be places where teachers and students are eager to construct knowledge.

Fees and Charges


    ₹ 500 One Time

    This will be applicable at one time only

    ideally at the time of admission

    or confirmation of admission.


    ₹ 500 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.


    ₹ 600 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.


    ₹ 700 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.


    ₹ 800 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.


    ₹ 900 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.


    ₹ 1000 Per Month

    This is monthly fee

    includes tuition fee.Ideally

    will be charged start of month or quarter.

Governing Body

  • Sri Narendra Bihari Singh

    Chairman of Managing Committee
  • Smt. Subhadra Thakur

  • Smt. Chhaya Kumari

    Vice Principal
  • Sri Dinesh Chandra Dwivedi

    Managing Director
  • Sri Pragati Gaurav

    Asst Director


Shri Narendra Bihari Singh, Chairman of Managing Committee

Retired Principal +2 Mathura H/S Sitamarhi having experience of 40 years in education system.

Janki Vidya Niketan School’s constant pursuit of excellence in school education has earned it the status of one of the premier schools for Boys and Girls in Sitamarhi Dist.

Shri Dinesh Chandra Dwivedi, Managing Director

Janki Vidya Niketan owes its existence to Shri Dinesh Chandra Dwivedi. I Retired Branch Manager from Central Bank of India having experience of 40 years in pubic relation and management who aimed at creating and providing a global educational environment in his schools. He is of the vision that an educated person has the ability to change the world, as he/she is brimming with confidence and assured of making the right moves. He aimed to immortalize the name of Goddess ‘Janki’ and hoped to provide the students a sound education unheard of in Sitamarhi before. Smt. Subhadra Thakur, the inspirational woman behind the successful man, provides the final touch of the extraordinary which makes Janki Vidya Niketan School the unique Educational Institution.

Smt. Subhadra Thakur, Principal

Janki Vidya Niketan’s constant pursuit of excellence in school education has earned it the status of one of the premier schools for Boys and Girls in Sitamarhi Dist. I am really proud to be the head of such an exciting and dynamic school and to work with the well - organized and ever evolving Janki Vidya Peeth Trust. What fills me with pride is the fact that at Janki Vidya Niketan School, we have been providing an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that prepares our students for taking on the challenges and succeed in career and life. We firmly believe that the students, teachers and parents all play a very vital role in helping students realise their utmost potential. We have succeeded in providing opportunities to our students to establish excellent rapport with teachers, peers and alumni and build a stronger sense of community, camaraderie and belongingness. Our school has the unique distinction of having great infrastructure which we constantly enrich and this infrastructure is not for showcasing, we ensure that it serves the purpose for which it has been procured, i.e. all round development of our students. The success of Janki Vidya Niketan School can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and respond to ever changing demands across the rapidly rising school education sector as evidenced in the recent development in the schools. On the educational technology front, in addition to state - of - the art educational technology. We have set for ourselves the duel objective of getting recognized as a premier provider of excellent school education and carrying forward the legacy of our visionary founders in defining a powerful future. We have already taken great strides in this direction and to make these strides greater we, the stakeholders, have a role to play and I am sanguine that we will not be found wanting in our efforts & determination.

Shri Pragati Gaurav, Asst Director

B.E and M.B.A ( MKTG & H.R) having experience of 15 years in Marketing Field.

JANKI VIDYA PEETH NYAS is not just a group of institution which imparts world - class education,but an experience where everyone associated is part of dream, a mission to see that we nurture truly great leaders.

It is up to us to build the foundation for him, which ultimately equip him to judge between right and the wrong.