Admissions are granted mainly in Nursery and play classes. However, if seats are available admissions to other classes are possible. Entry is decided by the age criteria laid down by the Bihar Government.


Play/Nursery : Minimum Age is 3+ as on 31 March
LKG : Minimum Age is 4+ as on 31 March
UKG : Minimum Age is 5+ on 31 March
Grade 1 : Minimum Age is 6+ on 31 March
Grade 2 : Minimum Age is 7+ on 31 March
Grade 3 : Minimum Age is 8+ on 31 March
Grade 4 : Minimum Age is 9+ on 31 March
Grade 5 : Minimum Age is 10+ on 31 March
Grade 6 : Minimum Age is 11+ on 31 March
Grade 7 : Minimum Age is 12+ on 31 March
Grade 8 : Minimum Age is 13+ on 31 March


Registration for Admission : Collection of the application Form from the school office.
Submission of the duly filled Application Form with necessary documents as detailed in Application Form within the stipulated time period to the school office. A sample of the Application Form is enclosed for the reference of the parents.
On Grant of Admission : Completion of Admission formalities including payment of fee within the given period.


For the benefit of Parents, the valid registrations shall be invited to Pre Admission counselling in the form of a presentation followed by an interaction with the Principal.
The purpose of the presentation and interaction with the parents is to share the vision, mission and philosophy of the school and define expectations of each other.
Complete academic transcripts of the previous class of the student must accompany the application form (except for admission to Nursery).
Admission is being granted on first come serve basis, till the availability of seats.


The school's Academic session is from April to March.Working Days are divided into seven-periods with summer and winter timings. The order in which the classes meet varies from day to day.

Academic evaluation and Assessment

The school has a system of continuous and comprehensive assessment. There are cycles of unit tests and terminal examinations including the final. Weightage is given to house/class assignments and projects. Students are promoted on the basis of the cumulative performance in the academic year.
Parents are kept apprised of the progress of their children through parent teacher meetings organised every term.

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